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. Information for lake users, how it can be dangerous to humans and animals, why it is important to know when a bloom is occurring and what you should do.

Lake-friendly Living

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with the Blue Program that helps residential properties become watershed friendly.

. Information on how to maintain a gorgeous green lawn without increasing the phosphorus burden on the watershed.

. Rain gardens are a Vermont specific planting technique developed for anyone else interested in protecting local rivers and lakes through gardening. This manual contains installation instructions, demonstrates how rain gardens are cost-effective stormwater management tools, and shows how they can be worked into a variety of landscapes. 
The Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District coordinated development of this manual (with help from UVM Extension and DEC staff members).  

Local Attractions/Information

 A public/private partnership, serving as the information clearinghouse on bicycling opportunities in the Champlain Valley. Source for 

An annual guidebook to help canoists and kayakers safely explore the Paddlers’ Trail and stay up to date on current Trail locations & site guidelines. Produced by the Lake Champlain Committee (guide is included with $40 membership in ). 

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